Statelessness in the Dominican Republic

Above: Basilica Catedral de Santa Maria la Menor, the oldest church in the Americas.         There has never been an easy relationship between the two sides of Hispaniola, an island with a complicated history of colonization and conflict. As the original site of Christopher Columbus' violent colonization, it has been ruled and... Continue Reading →



I had hoped that getting on a plane would calm all my anxiety about this trip, but unfortunately I didn't find that to be the case. Regardless of the amount of preparation I've done, I know a lot of things about travelling are unpredictable. I may have an exciting meeting lined up with an expert in... Continue Reading →

The Grant, the Project, the Plan

Keeping a blog isn't my usual style, but when people as generous and kind as the Circumnavigator's Foundation ask you to blog, you do it! The Circumnavigator's Foundation is the philanthropic branch of the Circumnavigator's Club, which is comprised of people who have done a full lap around the world during their travels. Each year the foundation gives grants to undergraduate students to conduct an around-the-world research project...

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